European Centre for
Integrated Pest Management

The distinctive feature of the EUCIPM is in promoting IPM in the context of ecosystem services – enhancing the ability of the agriculture ecosystem to deliver the services expected by society and balancing efficient food production with environmental and consumer protection.

While IPM is seen as the main instrument for pesticide reduction, decreasing pesticide use is not an end in itself but a means towards a more modern, ecologically sustainable but efficient and profitable food and farming industry.

UK Government and EU policy is directed towards an integrated and harmonised food and nutrition system. Pesticide use has made a major contribution to increased food production in Europe since the Second World War. Having delivered plentiful food at low cost and driven by global population growth and climate change, the new concerns focus on environmental husbandry – protecting biodiversity and decreasing agriculture’s impact on degradation of our soil, air and water. The challenge will be in meeting the expectations on health, environment and biodiversity while also delivering affordable food from economically viable agriculture and horticulture sectors.