European Centre for
Integrated Pest Management

The European Centre for Integrated Pest Management brings together natural and social scientists with broad experience in development and implementation of IPM in many countries throughout the world.

Our staff and their expertise in Integrated Pest Management or related technologies:

Sarah Arnold, NRI
Pollination ecology, insect behaviour, insect-plant interactions, food location, sensory ecology

Steve Belmain, NRI
Small mammal ecology, ecologically-based rodent management, insect-plant interactions, stored-product and timber entomology, botanical insecticides

Nick Birch, Hutton & NRI Visiting Professor
Integrated Pest Management/IPM, biocontrol, biodiversity in agro-ecosystems

Dan Bray, NRI
Chemical ecology, medical entomology, disease detection in aquaculture

Tim Chancellor, NRI
Crop pest and disease management, capacity strengthening, public-private partnerships

Bob Cheke, NRI
Pest and vector control entomology, bird pests, locust plagues, Simulium blackflies, tsetse fly

John Colvin, NRI
Crop protection entomology, vector-virus-host plant interactions, vector and virus diversity, host-plant resistance, IPM technologies, insect migration

Hans Dobson, NRI
Pest and vector management, food safety and regulatory compliance, application of pesticides and their environmental fate and behaviour

Mandela Fernandez-Grandon, NRI
Chemical ecology, behavioural entomology, insect behaviour, semiochemicals, IPM strategies

Dave Grzywacz, NRI
Insect pathology, biological pesticides, insect viruses, isolation of agents, pathogenicity and genetics, laboratory and field evaluation, field ecology

Jeremy Haggar, NRI
Agroecology, tropical agroecosystems, ecosystem services, tree crop interactions, agroforestry systems, sustainable value chains

David Hall, NRI
Chemical ecology; isolation, identification, synthesis, formulation, field application of insect semiochemicals, monitoring and control of insect pests

Richard Hopkins, NRI
Behavioural entomology, crop pests and mosquitoes, host plant resistance, sustainable IPM strategies

Debbie Rees, NRI
Plant physiology, plant biochemistry, photosynthetic mechanisms, post-harvest quality and deterioration, physiological stress in stored fruit

Sue Seal, NRI
Molecular biology, nucleic-acid diagnostics, phylogenetics, next-generation sequencing/ transcriptomics, bacterial wilt, crop viruses, virus vectors

Simon Springate, NRI
Applied entomology, insect ecology, pest control, insecticide resistance; biodiversity and ecosystem services within agricultural landscapes

Phil Stevenson, NRI
Plant biochemistry, isolation and identification of plant chemicals, botanical pesticides for pest control and plant chemicals in crop species

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