European Centre for
Integrated Pest Management

Current projects

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Former projects

  • New biofumigation-based approaches to sustainable control of soil-borne pathogens (2011–2015) Archived information
  • Development of improved methods for detection, control and eradication of pine wood nematode in support of EU Plant Health policy (2011–2014) Archived information
  • Sex pheromone trap for blackberry leaf midge (2010–2012) Archived information 
  • Improved pest and disease management in blackcurrant (2010–2015) Archived information
  • Exploiting Semiochemicals, Conservation Biocontrol & Selective Physical Controls in Integrated Management of Pear Sucker (2008–2012) Archived information
  • Pheromone Technology for Management of Capsid Pests to Reduce Pesticide Use in Horticultural Crops (2007–2012) Archived information
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management for high quality protected raspberry production (2006–2011) Archived information
  • The role of chemicals in location of host plants by midge pests of fruit crops (2011–2014)
  • Provide advice to DEFRA [CRD] on pesticide application and fate of pesticides in the environment
  • Effect of climate change on strawberry quality (2009–2012)
  • Improving the quality of hardy nursery (2006–2011)
  • Working with growers in Africa to meet MRL standards for export to the EU